Can ChatGPT Be Trusted? Part 3

Can ChatGPT Be Trusted?

Diarmuid Brady


June 7, 2024

My concern isn’t that ChatGPT can be wrong, but that people struggle to validate information.


In this series’ previous entry, we uncovered ChatGPT’s shortcomings. Let’s take another perspective. We’ll examine two similar films together by asking ChatGPT to perform a comparative analysis of their central relationships. Keep reading to observe ChatGPT’s expert word use and ability to translate thoughts into words.

Mia and Sebastian’s Theme - La La Land, Manny and Nellie’s Theme - Babylon (Justin Hurwitz)

Justin Hurwitz is one of my favourite film score composers and often collaborates with director Damien Chazelle. Chazelle believes a film’s score is as important as the characters and plot when making a film. I appreciate his approach, as you can learn a lot from listening to his film’s music in isolation.

Two of Chazelle’s films, La La Land and Babylon, share a common theme of unrequited love. The romantic themes include “Mia and Sebastian” (La La Land) and “Manny and Nellie” (Babylon). The name order may indicate the character’s importance. I believe Mia and Manny are the true protagonists of their respective films. I want to explore the similarities and contrasts between their themes as reflected in the relationships.

Mia and Sebastian’s theme is romantic, warm, and sad. The piece ends chaotically, emphasising the relationship’s unsustainable nature. Manny and Nellie’s theme consists of a crazy, romantic melody that complements the story’s tone and the era in which it is set. Its wistful and melancholic quality also illustrates the relationship’s impracticality.

Both relationships are built upon the two characters’ shared drive to follow their dreams. In La La Land, there is a line: “Here is to one’s who dream, foolish as they may seem.” In Babylon, Manny says, “I always wanted to be part of something bigger. Something that lasts, that means something.” Hope is a sentiment that often accompanies dreams. But as I listen to their themes, I only hear hopelessness.

Mia and Sebastian’s theme is filled with peaks and troughs, like a roller coaster of hope and disappointment that runs off track. The eloquence and depth in their theme contrast with Manny and Nellie’s carefree and raw tone. This disparity highlights the frivolity of the Babylon relationship but also the lower socioeconomic status of its characters.

I want ChatGPT to compare these two themes and how they reflect the traits of both relationships.

My Prompt

*Imagine you are a film score and soundtrack expert who has an undying passion for analysing the meaning behind the music composed for movies and films. You are an avid fan of the work of Damien Chazelle and Justin Hurwitz, and in particular, you have a deep understanding of the relationships between Mia and Sebastian in La La Land and Manny and Nellie in Babylon.

I want you to compare the similarities and differences between the two pieces of music, “Mia and Sebastian’s Theme” and “Manny and Nellie’s Theme.” Discuss how each theme contributes to and reflects the characters’ relationships in each movie.*

ChatGPT’s Response

As a film score and soundtrack expert, I would be thrilled to discuss the music of Damien Chazelle and Justin Hurwitz, particularly the similarities and differences between the themes of two romantic relationships, Mia and Sebastian in La La Land and Manny and Nellie in Babylon.

Firstly, let’s talk about “Mia and Sebastian’s Theme” from La La Land. This beautiful piece of music is the signature tune of the film, featuring a tender romantic melody played on piano with a simple, repetitive accompaniment. The music reflects the dreamy, whimsical quality of Mia and Sebastian’s relationship as they fall in love and pursue their respective artistic passions. The theme perfectly captures the bittersweet essence of their love story as they try to navigate their professional ambitions and their feelings for each other.

On the other hand, “Manny and Nellie’s Theme” from Babylon has a different vibe. The music is more melancholic, with a haunting melody played on strings and woodwinds. This theme reflects the intense, tragic nature of Manny and Nellie’s relationship, which is defined by their struggles with addiction and the harsh realities of life on the streets. The music conveys a sense of hopelessness and despair, as well as a deep emotional connection between the two characters, who are united by their shared experiences.

Despite the differences between the two themes, there are some similarities in the way that they contribute to and reflect the characters’ relationships in each movie. Both themes are used as leitmotifs throughout the films, appearing in different variations and arrangements to underscore key moments in the story. They also serve as a musical shorthand for the character’s emotions and relationships, allowing the audience to connect with them on a deeper level.

In summary, “Mia and Sebastian’s Theme” and “Manny and Nellie’s Theme” are two beautiful pieces of music that reflect the complex, nuanced relationships between the characters in their respective films. While they have different musical styles and tonalities, they both serve as powerful tools to convey the emotions and experiences of the characters and to draw the audience into their world.

ChatGPT exceeded my expectations by providing a more accurate summary of the two themes and relationships in each movie. ChatGPT points out the themes’ differences in musical styles and tonalities. Words such as ‘dreamy’, ‘bittersweet’, and ‘tragic’ elegantly describe the themes. I felt these words on the tip of my tongue, but I couldn’t think of them. ChatGPT exhibits precise word use. I appreciated how ChatGPT uses terminology like leitmotifs and eloquently communicates a point like ‘serve as a musical shorthand for the characters’ emotions and relationships.’ ChatGPT has delivered a remarkable piece of writing and showcases the ability to craft impressive cinematic commentary.


To recap, here is a breakdown of the results.


✅    Describes both relationships’ themes using specific adjectives.

✅    Identifies both similarities and differences between the themes and ties them back to the relationship.

✅    Demonstrates knowledge of film vocabulary with terms like leitmotifs.


💡    ChatGPT’s greatest strength is articulating your thoughts into words.


This series set out to investigate ChatGPT’s expertise in the film score domain. By carrying out this experiment, we learned about ChatGPT’s strengths and shortcomings. ChatGPT has an impressive knowledge of film scores that would surprise many who share such knowledge, but it’s not perfect.

The types of mistakes ChatGPT makes would not be spotted by subject matter novices.

Therefore, relying on ChatGPT for information on a complex or niche topic is risky. In many cases, ChatGPT is right. But when it is wrong, a novice wouldn’t possess the understanding or skills to check its validity. That is my primary concern. Not that ChatGPT can be wrong, but that you’d struggle to identify it.

Given these considerations, ChatGPT’s true strength lies in assisting those who already have subject matter knowledge. It’s powerful when trying to organise thoughts into structured, coherent ideas.